International Conference “Thinking in crisis”

Vilnius, European Humanities University → 28–30th June 2022

    In June 2022, the European Humanities University hosts an international conference on the question: Is there a solution of the current crisis of thought?

    Today everyone is talking about a crisis: from ecology, international relations and liberal democracy to the economy and crisis of values and education. The current health crisis may perhaps also be regarded as a symbolic expression of the state of humanity.
    All crises stem from something more fundamental than what they explicitly demonstrate. They arise from a crisis of the mind or thinking.
    The conference participants will be asked to assess the causes, the depth and the nature of this crisis. The conference organisers suggest that this crisis is absolutely radical. It means that 1) it refers to the vital roots of humanity and raises the question of the existence and survival of humanity, 2) its solution is impossible either because it is yet unknown or not implemented.
    The conference participants will be invited to evaluate this hypothesis and reflect on what solution to the current crisis of thinking there could potentially be. In their hypothesis, the conference organisers do not call for succumbing to paralysing pessimism; on the contrary, they rely on the premise that is repeatedly reiterated in human history and states that the impossible can become possible. A radical crisis can be a part of creation of a new world.
    In other words, the conference organisers encourage the participants to reflect on the following idea of Friedrich Hölderlin in the context of today’s state of humanity: “But where the danger is, also grows the saving power”. They also invite to think on the words of an unknown author, quoted in the book Crowds and Power of Elias Canetti and dated August 23, 1939: „It’s too late now. If I were a true poet, I should have been able to prevent war.”
    In the 20th century, many authors thought about the crisis of thinking in Europe and the world. Their reflections constitute an invaluable trove of ideas. Have we anything new to say? Do we need it? Could it be that we need not more thoughts about life, but rather the life force itself? Where do we find it, and how does it manifest and communicate itself?

    Conference schedule

    Times listed below are Vilnius time
    prof. Sergej Ignatov

    Conference opening speech by Rector of European Humanities University prof. Sergej Ignatov.


    Jolanta Bieliauskaitė

    Moderator: Jolanta Bieliauskaitė (European Humanities university, Lithuania)

    Prof. Anatoli Mikhailov

    Anatoli Mikhailov (European Humanities University, Lithuania)

    Frédéric Worms

    Frédéric Worms (École Normale Supérieure, France)



    Simona Merkinaitė

    Simona Merkinaitė (Vilnius university, Lithuania)

    Eugenio Agostino Parati (Maugeri Scientific Clinical Institutes of Milan, Italy), Marta Vassallo (University of Insubria, Italy)

    Roger Berkowitz

    Roger Berkowitz (Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities at Bard College, USA)



    Prof. Anatoli Mikhailov

    Moderator: Anatoli Mikhailov (European Humanities University, Lithuania)

    Friedrich-Wilhelm von Herrmann

    Friedrich-Wilhelm von Herrmann (Germany)

    Francesco Alfieri

    Francesco Alfieri (Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Milan, Italy)



    Simas Čelutka

    Moderator: Simas Čelutka (Vilnius university)

    Chantal Delsol

    Chantal Delsol (France Institute, Academy of moral and political sciences, France)

    Camille Riquier

    Camille Riquier (Catholic University of Paris, France)

    Povilas Aleksandravičius

    Povilas Aleksandravičius (European Humanities University, Lithuania)



    Aliaksei Makhnach

    Moderator: Aliaksei Makhnach (European Humanities University, Lithuania)

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